Monday, January 4, 2010

Elegent Oma

What a delight to have Oma over for chicken and dumplings (Beth's recipe).
Oma explained that her mother's dumplings were made by rolling out the biscuit dough
and cutting them in squares instead of as biscuit drops.
Oma Dessie is looking forward to the new year as she is feeling grateful and hopeful
and enjoying being a very young and totally elegant 90.
Her son Marty is dapper as usual!


Hanne said...

What a cute picture!

suzanne said...

Hello Sallybee and Beth. My mom and I are just looking at your blog today. It is so nice to still have your Ouma. I gave my mom your sons name and details today. She is going to phone the temple today to find out where he is serving. We would love him to be somewhere in our area. Will keep you posted.

A happy day to you both
Warm regards