Sunday, September 21, 2008

America - the Destiny of the Harold Bielefeldt Family

Coming to America - Harold Left His Beloved GermanyHarold Found His Beloved Dessie in Tempe, Arizona
Harold would entertain his family all their life with stories of his life in Germany, of his hardships as well as his adventures, his life as a soccer player, a ship builder and his activity in his church and his experiences of gathering food during the dark depression. He was captivated by his darling Dessie. He married her, then went off to war as an American soldier to fight against his homeland. While he lay wounded in the hospital, his first child was born. He arrived home at Christmas to greet the little guy who was the center of all the family. Harold and Dessie built 3 homes during their many years together and raised three beautiful children that they dearly loved.

The posterity of Oma and Opa dearly love them and feel they have been blessed with a rich heritage of storytelling, creativity, love of life, love of family, artistic ability, love of the beauties of nature, family traditions and many other things.

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