Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dessie and her kids reunion

On September 13, 2008 Dessie and her kids held their first annual sibling and Mom reunion in Star Valley at Marty's cabin. They made the one and a half hour trip early in the morning while Annethel gave valuable information about the rock formations along the way and they all discussed the intriguing scenery found in Arizona.They all discussed many scientific and geological pieces of information interwoven with jokes and reminiscing about the olden times.

Upon arrival at the cabin, everyone breathed deeply of the cool, fresh mountain air and said, "Let's stay here forever." (maybe that's a little exaggeration) Anyway we all had a walk and enjoyed a delicious lunch of ham and turkey sandwiches with very gooey brownies. Sugar and Spice frolicked and enjoyed barking at the neighbor dog, Hummer, and at anything that moved (like a leaf). No one was interested in a nap - it was way too interesting to swing, walk, look for Elk (none appeared), listen for coyotes and talk about the many events of past, present and future along with hopes, plans and dreams. The stream that Jared and his buddies and the grandchildren had built with soldiers guarding their many forts had totally vanished in the summer storms. None of us was brave enough to try the zip line or ride the dragon or take the hike through the national forest that the kids took in July. Even so we still had a fun time.

The evening was spent eating yummy homemade beef burritos and bean tostados (with more gooey brownies) and playing a game called "Reminiscence" until almost midnight. No one was interested in watching any of the numerous and fun DVD's we have for entertainment. Finally everyone crashed, but arose early to a pancake breakfast eaten out under trees of the "enchanted forest" as the grandchildren call it.

We had intended to leave after breakfast, but it was too beautiful and pleasant and we finally managed to peal Frank out of the glider swing and tear Annethel and Dessie away from the beauties of the forest and Marty away from his gardening and barn to load back up into the van and head on down to the valley late in the afternoon. Hopefully, this was the first of many sibling and Mom reunions to come.

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